Heating & A/C Repair

Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

If your A/C exhibits any of the next symptoms, it may be time to repair or replace it:

  • the temperature at home doesn’t feel what you set
  • some rooms are much hotter than others
  • there is a mold or even burning smell coming from the vents
  • A/C makes some abnormal noise
  • A/C often breaks and you have to pay a lot for repair
  • your air conditioner is old (more 10 years) and doesn’t work efficiently
  • your air conditioner SEER rating below 13, so you couldn’t cut down on your utility bill

Thermostat Installation

Thermostat controls your air conditioner, telling it to turn on and off according to a schedule or according to temperature settings. If it doesn't happen as expected, this part needs to be fixed or replaced

A/C Condenser Repair

Common problems related to condenser include leaks from faulty tubes, blockages due to dirt and debris gathering

A/C Compressor Repair

Common signs that your compressor will need repaired include rumbling noises or strange banging sounds, as well as leaks and warm air being released

Evaporator Coil Repair

Alarming symptom you shouldn’t ignore is frozen evaporator coil or water around your furnace. If the problem is left unchecked the air conditioner’s compressor could be damaged as well

Heat Pump Repair and Installation

Such issues as a malfunctioning compressor or damaged value, can show obvious problems with your heat pump, there are some other signs to look out for. If you notice a rise in your energy costs or that your heat pump just isn’t performing as well as it used to, it could be time for a repair.

Our professionals can find out the source of any issue and fix it in the nearest time.

Furnace Repair and Installation

There are many reasons why a furnace might be in need of repair, which is mostly caused by malfunctioning or old age. Common signs your furnace needs repair include making unusual sounds and loud rumbling, as well as a sudden increase in your heating costs.

Fortunately, our Pros know how to solve any problem with any make of furnace. That is why we will have your home back to normal in no time!

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