Appliance Repair

The household appliances in our homes make our life comfortable and saves our time. We are so used to it that in case something goes wrong it looks like a real problem. But actually it’s not! The only thing that needs to be done is booking an appointment and our best professionals will deal with your issue.

Our experienced Pros can work with appliances of different brands: Bosch, Electrolux, Amana, Dacor, Fisher Paykel, Frigidaire, Kenmore, LG, Miele, Samsung, Whirlpool and others.

In most cases a problem is typical, so our specialist can tell you the total cost of fixing it. In other cases Pro will estimate the cost according the time is needed to resolve an issue. If you don't know exactly what needs to be fixed, our Pro will diagnose the problem for you.

Dishwasher Repair

There are a number of reasons why your dishwasher might not be working, mostly connected with wear and tear after constant use:

  • dishwasher is not switching on
  • dishwasher not cleaning dishes properly
  • dishwasher is making more noise than usual
  • issue with a door latch
  • etc

Refrigerator Repair

Usually problems with your refrigerator are common and well-known by our Pros, because this kind of appliance is on every kitchen and used every day and we have huge experience of resolving issues with refrigerators:

  • cooling has stopped
  • refrigerator is making some noises
  • refrigerator started making too much frost
  • draining tube is clogged
  • etc.

Washing Machine Repair

Washing machine is used all the time and it is very frustrating when there is some issue with that. Good news are that most problems with washing machine can be fixed by our specialists quite fast:

  • clothes aren’t being cleaned properly
  • washing machine is not switching on
  • washing machine doesn't heat water when it should
  • there is water under washing machine
  • etc.

Dryer Repair

It doesn’t matter what the issue is, whether it’s the timer, motor or control board, no job is too big or complicated for our dryer repair:

  • dryer doesn’t start at all
  • dryer not producing enough heat to dry your clothes
  • dryer makes strange noise
  • dryer drum needs to be replaced
  • etc.

Microwave Repair

Our Pros can repair your microwave no matter if it is built-in or stand alone. Common repairs include:

  • repairing broken microwave door
  • fix microwave light
  • repair microwave control board
  • etc.

Stove & Oven Repair

All family suffers without home cooking in case there is an issue with oven, stove etc. Experienced specialist can troubleshoot and find out what is causing the issue, as well as repair it as quickly as possible.

Ice Maker Repair

Ice makers are essential for cooling down on a hot day. When your ice maker breaks down you have a real trouble and lose a comfort of your life. Our Pros are trained and experienced to repair any model of ice maker.

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